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Please finish the following statement:

Why is inclusion important to you?  


Follow these steps to make your 1photo submission:

1. Take a photo or choose a photo you already have.

2. Upload your photo, with help if needed.

3. Answer the question.

4. Enter your email and first name, if you wish.

5. Enter your state, or country if outside the U.S.

6. Submit. You may have the next InFocus 1PhotoFeature!


  • Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • Email will be used for contact purposes only. Email will not be shared with others.
1photo submissions may not be used to advertise or promote specific individuals, programs, or organizations.


By submitting a photo and caption, you are giving permission to InFocus to share your photo as a part of a collective voice for advocacy. This may include:  
  • online sharing through various InFocus social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram
  • printing and sharing within community exhibits, events, and educational conferences





Results from Past Submissions: A Sample

I love…


“I love UNCG!” – Emiel, NC


“I love my favorite Niece. Skylyn!” –Taryn, NC


“I love to cook because I like to eat all different kind of foods.” – Derrick, NC


“I love to work out with family.” – Isaac, NC