My Career, My Future – by Lillian Winborne

I am presented with many obstacles, but I have learned to persevere through them daily.

As a freshman at UNCG, I have said that I wanted to begin working again. I have always enjoyed working; whether I was volunteering, assisting, something art-related, or serving. I have been trying to find a place in Greensboro that fit my interests and goals as an artist. Also, I have been passionate about art since I was 13. It began with pottery and then my creativity evolved into commission paintings, drawing, zentangling, and photography. Even though this is my first year in college, I still have a lot of high expectations for myself with what I want to accomplish. Although, I had a set back at a young age when I was diagnosed with a brain injury. The migraines that I get are a side effect of my brain injury. They present me with many obstacles, but I have learned to persevere through them daily.

Thanks to the staff with Beyond Academics, an organization that helps young adults with learning difficulties, I was able to find two job opportunities. The first opportunity is an internship at a Historical Museum in downtown Greensboro, where I will start as a desk ambassador. My other option was to be a docent but that is a really big-time commitment. Also, docents have to memorize a whole speech for their exhibit and they have to make sure the kids see everything while they’re at the Historical Museum. Also, I will begin training at the Historical Museum on Wednesday, October 18th. I decided to do this as a way of seeing if I would like to have a career similar to this in the future.

My second option is a volunteer opportunity at Green Hill Center of NC Art in downtown Greensboro, which I have started doing every Friday from 10- 11 a.m. When I am there, I work in the gallery with kids ages 2 to 5 and I do other tasks. For example, one of my tasks was to clean glue off of scissors. A lot of the children enjoy doing art- related activities there with their chaperones at the center. I believe that I will have a great experience with these jobs and I will get to know downtown Greensboro better, as well.

  1. Frances Inglis

    November 13, 2017 - 7:02 pm

    Dear Lil,
    I loved your article. Thank you for sending it. Volunteering is such a good idea and such a helpful thing to do. I know your will learn more about Greensboro but also about the kind of things you like to do and feel that you are making a contribution.

    Are you coming here for Thanksgiving? We are going to Durham to be with my sister and my three nieces and their families. Susan and Frederick will go, too. Frederick is in Costa Rico now to surf and visit and have his first vacation in over 20 years! His daughter Hazel is there, too and she got him to go. I am so glad.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving and keep up the good work and deeds.

    With love,

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