A Story of Interdependence and Self-Determination – by Elizabeth R.

In the past ten years, I have accomplished so much!

I have lived in Connecticut all of my life. My childhood was hell. My mother dropped my brother and me off at my grandmother’s one day and never came back. I was three years old. My brother wasn’t even one yet.  When my grandmother became sick, my Aunt Linda and Uncle Donald stepped in and raised us. Eventually my brother moved into a residential group home and I stayed with my Aunt Linda until I finished high school.

During High School, I was a loner. I always had my nose in a book and still do today. I had problems with anxiety and depression, but luckily I had some great teachers and counselors who supported me. Before high school ended they connected me with the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) to help me figure out what career I would like to explore. I had always wanted to work with animals, and did so for a bit before I figured out that I was allergic!

Then I tried a job in childcare and loved it. I worked with a local daycare for almost 2 ½ years before it closed.  Since then I have wanted to return to that field. But, when you are looking for a job, and need a job, you do not always get the one you want, but the one you need.

With help from BRS again I was hired by a local hospital as a cafeteria worker. At the time, my uncle was working for the same hospital but in a different department. I planned on it being temporary; and now here it is ten years later.

In these ten years, I have made lifelong friends with some of my coworkers, met and married my husband, became a stepmother, and am currently 12 credits toward my Associates (Degree) in Early Childhood Education through Post University. I will hopefully be making a career change soon.

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