The Arts - InFocus Advocacy
Theatre InFocus®

OnStage and InFocus 2013-2015

Location: Community Theatre of Greensboro, Greensboro, NC

Date: Two-week program each June

Following training by InFocus staff, an inclusive cast and crew used the InFocus process, in combination with expressive skills acquired through the theatre, to develop and perform powerful skits advocating for community inclusion. The Community Theatre of Greensboro (CTG) expanded its reach to citizens with disabilities as a result of this program.



Poetry InFocus®

Written expressive language is often difficult for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. And yet, there is a need for these voices to be heard. Our InFocus® poet, Lauren Beja, is a published author working with individuals to share poetic messages that describe an appreciation for community, and a desire for inclusion. Our poetry groups are inclusive, providing an opportunity for people of all abilities to explore writing, learn from each other, and develop friendships within the program, all while educating the public about the varied abilities among us. Poetry InFocus® premiered in Spring 2017.


Poetry InFocus® at Scuppernong Books